Couple's Golf at Lochland

Couples that play together, stay together! Join other Lochland couples for a fun, social, and low-cost outing on the dates listed below. 

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Beer & Wine Night: Friday, July 19th, 6PM

Registration: Call 402-462-8783.
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A Lochland Favorite. Members and accompanied guests play 9 holes with beer, wine, and appetizer stations along the way. Play as a team of 4 with another team of 4 on the same hole (8somes). You can sign up with another team of four to fill your 8some, or as one group of four and be paired by the Golf Shop.

Cost: $85 per Couple (carts not included) 

After 8PM, the pool will be reserved for scoring.

Friday, Aug. 9th, 6PM

9-Hole, 2-Couple 3/3/3 Event; $10/couple

Cart and other fees are applicable. Limited to Lochland Members and accompanied guests.

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