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Lochland Country Club is known for its beautiful golf course designed by noted Chicago golf architect, David Gill. The first nine holes were completed and opened for play in 1962. Legendary golf professional and teacher, Harry Obitz, witnessed the courses' popularity and in 1965 he oversaw the completion of the second nine holes.

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Lochland Country Club offers 3 different "categories" of Junior Golf, depending on age, ability and desire for improvement: Junior All Sports Program (JASP): Junior "Golf Only" Program; Advanced Juinor Program. Lochland is also proud to present the new Lochland Junior Golf Team Competition!

It's not too late to get in a few lessons!  Give Hank & Ky a call today at 402-462-8783.


The Lochland Ladies' golf program continues to grow! With events for competitive golfers to events designed to be more social, there's something for all of our lady golfers! Click on the link below to check out what's new this season.

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The Men's Golf program is chuck full of great events and opportunities for golfers of all skill levels. Don't forget to check out tournament dates including the very popular Pepsi Scramble! And you won't want to miss out on joining great program such as the Hole In One Club and the Lochland Player's Club. Click on the link below to view the 2017 Men's Golf Program booklet.

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Are you a new golfer or returning to the game after taking some years off?


This handbook may be for a person who has THOUGHT about picking golf up as a hobby, but has been afraid to do so. This handbook could also be used by a person who has been away from the game for a long time and would like to come back. In either case, we have to face a fact…golf can be an intimidating sport. We are here to tell you that it does not have to be.

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Lochland Country Club's 18 hole golf course is among the best. In 1999 it was voted the PGA's Nebraska Facility of the Year. This past fall improvements were made to the drainage system and bunkers were repaired to ensure that the course will remain one of the best in the state of Nebraska.

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Rich history and tradition are two things that come along with the Lochland name. 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of completion of the first nine holes at Lochland Country Club. We can only imagine the thousands of pars, chip-ins and great sand saves that this course has seen over the past 50 years. saves that this course has seen over the past 50 years. Amazing!

With this notable anniversary upon the club, the Archive Committee decided to research golf and the club in 1962 in celebration. Please join the Archive Committee in taking a journey back to 1962 with this recreated newspaper containing articles about the beginning of Lochland golf. All articles were pulled from the Hastings Tribune as submitted by the Ladies' Golf Association.

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This past September USGA representatives made a visit to Lochland Country Club to do an analysis of the current greens. Please click on the link below to read their report. If you would like more information you may contact Ryan Reifert, Head Superintendent.

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