Something for everyone! Each and every month of the year is packed with new and exciting opportunities for members and their guests to enjoy the club. Upcoming events are listed below. To view the entire month's activities and specific event details click on the or calendar link below. Members may also log into their account and view the monthly event calendar and Forecast newsletter. Please make reservations for upcoming events by calling 402-462-4151 or by using the online calendar reservation feature after logging into your account.

Want to make a reservation for an upcoming event? Call 402-462-4151 or visit our online reservation calendar on the member side of the website.


Join our Young Adult Committee members as they give us the weekly update on youth events happening at your club!  Also watch for these videos to come across your email inbox, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Not on the email list?  Contact Danielle at danielleb@lochlandcc.com.  Video coming soon!


Each month the event calendar is published and sent out with the FORECAST newsletter. The calendar includes event dates for both the current month and the upcoming month. To view dates further in the future log into your member account and view the event calendar.

Click on the link below to view this month's event calendar.

Click here to view the month's EVENT CALENDAR