Couple's Golf At Lochland

Dates: once per month
Cost: $10 per couple, does not include cart or dinner.
Time: 6PM Shotgun Start

Couples that play together, stay together! Join other Lochland couples for a fun, social, and low-cost outing on the dates listed below. New theme nights! Each theme will have a dinner special during scoring and a featured drink. If you chose to dress in theme, please ensure attire is appropriate for the golf course. 

Sign up by calling the Golf Shop at 402-462-8783, in the Player's Lounge Hallway, or visiting the online form for each individual event listed below.

Cart and other fees are applicable. Limited to Lochland Members and accompanied guests.

May 13, 2022 - Movie Magic

May's Couple's Golf will be a 4-Person 9-hole scramble.

Movie Magic
The big screen has so much influence on our culture and memories.  Listen to the curated playlist as you play, and see if you can identify which movie goes with each song.  Also a free round of signature drinks to the best dressed team (must still be course appropriate, but have fun!)  All dress to your classic, favorite movie theme!

$20 buffet and some of your favorite cinema treats 

June 17, 2022 - Sand Bar Beach

This is a 2-Person Scramble with a twist. 

Theme: Beachy
Who doesn't love a great beach party!  Pick up your team shell as you go for a possible + or - strokes!  Best beach theme dressed team gets a round of signature drinks!  (must still be course appropriate).  Beach playlist as you play to get everyone in a fun summertime mood.


July 9, 2022 - Beer & Wine

This is a 9-Hole 2-Couple Scramble features paired food and beverage samples on the course, followed by adult pool hours and scoring at the pool cafe. A Lochland favorite!

More information will be posted!

August 19, 2022 - Viva Las Vegas

2-Person scramble 

Theme: Viva Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas, may stay in Vegas... but out on the course, you will gamble with the luck of the draw.....  From the Ratpack, to Elvis, and the party city - we will celebrate all the fun of Vegas.  A curated playlist to bring everyone some luck.  

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