Course Care while golfing

Now that our golf course has fully matured from Project Emerald, it will be critical for our members and guests of Lochland Country Club to follow proper golf course care.  If each member and guest does each of the following, we will be able to enjoy our significant investment for decades to come:

  • Enter each bunker from the side farthest from the green (called the low side). Walking in from the "green side" of the bunker damages the bunker lip. Ex: On the #1 greenside bunker, you would enter from the west. 

  • Rake each bunker after playing from them. You know it is NO FUN to hit from a footprint…please do not leave one.

  • Fix at least 2 ball marks on each green, even if your ball did not hit the green. Old ball marks are perfect places for Poa Annua to get a foothold. Please protect our most valuable resource. Even if your ball did not stay on the green, your shot probably left a ball mark…please fix it!

  • Keep golf carts completely on paths where paths are provided. When carts pull off the path in the same spots, grass will not grow there and mud holes will develop. Ex: When pulling up to a tee box, keep all 4 wheels on the concrete. 

  • Keep golf carts 40 FEET (AT LEAST 5 CART LENGTHS) off greens. Carts closer than this compact the soil, creating bad lies and poor turf.

  • Replace divots or use sand mixture found on carts to fill in divot holes. Replacing or filling in divots keeps our new fairways more level.    

The Board of Directors at Lochland Country Club understands that Project Emerald and the course shutdown were frustrating at times; however, we thank you for your patience and ask that you help by paying attention to proper golf course care. This project was in the making for over 14 years, and we are excited at the prospects of returning the golf course at Lochland Country Club back to the elevated status we carried in prior decades.