Pool Opening During COVID-19

We appreciate your patience as we work to operate the pool under new state-mandated rules. Contact the Pool Cafe at 402-519-2147.

New Rules in Effect June 29, 2020

As 2020 evolves and we evaluate usage of the pool during COVID, Lochland staff and board have determined to revise the pool policy for 2020, in an effort to maintain membership safety and satisfaction with amenities.

Effective Monday, June 29, 2020, the following new rules will apply indefinitely:

  • Capacity is 118 (75% of regular capacity), excluding staff. Please respect social distancing guidelines of 6 feet between each group.
  • Reservations are not needed. If the pool is at capacity, you may wait at the gate. If a line forms, please space yourselves appropriately.
  • Similar to golf policies, non-members who live within 60 miles of Lochland (this includes Kearney and York residents) and are accompanied by a member may visit the pool up to four times per year. Non-members living outside of 60 miles will need to be accompanied and checked in at every visit, but will not be restricted. For expedited check-in, email your guest's info to info@lochlandcc.com. 
    • Caregivers (nannies, grandparents of child members) will not have a frequency restriction, as long as the adult member is not present with them.
    • For groups of more than 1-2 non-members, please contact the main office with their information, to expedite the check-in process.
    • For additional accommodations contact the clubhouse for options, 402-462-4151 or info@lochlandcc.com
  • There are no fees for non-members to visit.
  • Reciprocal guests are allowed.
  • Pool hours will return to the normal hours:
    • Monday: 12-7
    • Tuesday-Friday: 12-8PM
    • Saturday: 12-6PM
    • Sunday: 12-8PM
      • Pool may be reserved for private parties starting at 6PM Saturday.
      • If no party, adult after hours are available for 21+. Accompanied guests welcome, attendance does not count toward a 4 times limit.

While at the pool

  • Seating and tables will be sanitized between guests. If you would like your chair sanitized upon arrival (just to be sure), please ask a pool café staff or lifeguard.
  • Twice a day, lifeguard breaks will be increased to 30 minutes, to allow for cleaning of locker rooms, and general use areas. Please be considerate while they clean.
  • Because of regulations at this time, we are unable to accommodate waiver swim. All pool visits must occur while staff is present at the pool. Contact the office for lap swim availability on select weekday and weekend mornings.

Swim lessons are available. Please be aware that while our lifeguards will be certifying they do not exhibit symptoms at the start of every shift, they will not be wearing face masks while at the pool. By signing up for swim lessons, you are aware and agree to this arrangement.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance to these regulations at this time, and are grateful for your patience as we perfect a new standard in our facilities.