Golf 101

Date(s): Feb. 11, Feb. 18, and March 3, 2020 (you don't need to attend each session)
Time: 6PM
Price: $10 per session, includes complimentary Happy Hour drink
Reservations encouraged, 402-462-4151 or go online:

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Golf for Dummies. Shankology. Everything you wanted to know about golf but were afraid to ask.

You get the gist. You’ve always wanted to learn to play golf, but aren’t quite sure where to start before you head onto the course. We’re offering three 101 sessions to help get you comfortable taking the next steps to your (not so) professional golf career, and meet other beginner golfers as you transition to next steps like lessons, leagues, or making tee-times.
Join our Golf Pro and others interested in pursuing golf, as he covers basics like terminology, etiquette, and Lochland standards, and lets you take a couple swings on the indoor golf simulator. You don’t even need to bring clubs! You don't need to commit to all three sessions, priced per session. 

Happy Hour starts at 4PM, come early for appetizers and to take the edge off! Price includes one Happy Hour Drink.

Capacity limited to 25 people, reservations encouraged call 402-462-4151.


*** For Lochland Members and Accompanied guests only. ****