Hole-in-One Club (H.i.O Club) at Lochland

Want to make the thrill of sinking a hole-in-one even sweeter? How about getting a reward for your shot! When you opt into the H.i.O. Club, you get a $5 credit from every other current H.i.O. member. Buy that new putter in the Golf Shop, or buy everyone a round in Player's Lounge. 

The Hole-in-One Club will be for both men and women, and it is free to join. When anyone in the H.i.O. Club sinks a hole-in-one, every member of the H.i.O. Club will be billed $5. This money will go toward Golf Shop Credit for the member making the hole-in-one, or it may be used toward Clubhouse food and beverage charges. 

For example, assume there are 150 men and women in the H.i.O. Club. If Mrs. Johnson is in the H.i.O. Club and makes a hole-in-one, each H.i.O. Club member will be charged $5 on their bill. Mrs. Johnson will then be issued $750 (150 x $5) in Golf Shop or Clubhouse Credit.  

To join the H.i.O. Club, you must contact Ky at 402-462-8783 or ky@lochlandgolfcc.com.

For full rules and regulations, see the 2019 Golf Program Booklet.