Husker Bus vs. Wisconsin 2019

Date: Nov. 16, 2019
Time: Arrive at clubhouse 4.5 hours prior to kick off
Cost: $35 per person (members and their guests welcome!)
Reservations: Sign in and go online, or call 402-462-4151. Reservations due Nov. 1, 2019.

We're heading to game day in Lincoln! We've reserved a 57-passenger bus and need help filling it. Grab a friend, a cooler, and a koozie and hop on board with us. Price includes a seat on the bus, appetizers in the clubhouse during check in, and other on-board freebies.


  • 4.5 hours prior to kick off - arrive at clubhouse to check in, sign agreements, ensure proper contact information
  • 4 hours prior to kick off - depart Lochland
  • 2 hours prior to kick off - unload in Lincoln
  • 45 minues after end of game - bus needs to be loaded for departure
  • 3 hours after kick off - arrival at Lochland

Other things to note

Our bus will have a bathroom on board in case of emergencies. ALL travelers must provide a phone number to be contacted at in case of an emergency. Anyone un-reachable more than an hour after end of game will be assumed not returning on the bus, and bus will depart without them. Please be respectful of the bus and other passengers - you will be held responsible for any damages and messes you cause.