Exploring Nature at Lochland

Saturday, August 28, 2021
Kids age 5-10, plus parents and other interested adults
$5 per child

Have you ever wondered what’s in our lakes? (Maybe Nessie might pay us a visit with our Scottish heritage…)

Visit our course in a new way, and discover the food webs & ecosystems here: producers, consumer, decomposers… how do they create energy flow to sustain life? Our instructor Maria from Prairie Loft will help us explore our surroundings to find evidence in nature.

We will meet by the far lake at 10:30am, we suggest parking on Madden Road and walking over.

Make sure to dress for the weather!

Are there any students with special considerations? Please let us know so we can make sure everyone can participate fully. Adults welcome to join if you are curious!

We need a minimum of 5 sign ups by August 26th in order to proceed with this event.

*** For Lochland members and their accompanied guests only. ***