Junior Golf at Lochland

We continue to make Lochland the area's leader in golf opportunities for youth. 

Junior All Sports Program (JASP)

Our four-day camps provide 45-minute sessions of hands-on lessons in Golf, Swimming, and Tennis. Learn more > 

Junior Golf Academy

Junior Golfers (ages 9-16) attend Tuesday clinics with our Pro’s, followed by supervised practice. Learn more > 

PGA Junior League

Plays five times throughout the summer on Fridays, and rotates through the Tri-City area. Lochland will have practices with our Pro’s on Friday mornings from 9-10:30AM. Learn more > 

Advanced Junior Program

For competitive high school and college-aged golfers. Every five hours of practice is rewarded with a 30-minute lesson from a PGA Pro. Contact Ky at 402-462-8783 or ky@lochlandcc.com.

Questions?  Give Ky a call today at 402-462-8783.

More Youth Golf Information

More information is available in our Golf Program Book. Download the Youth Golf Section >