Golf Leagues

2021 Winter

Sign up as a team of two by January 7, 2021.


January 8 - March 1
Open to both Men and Women, must be a Lochland member. 
Cost to play is $75 per team. This will not include the rental time for the trackman.

2 Person 9 Hole scramble. Each week you will play and post your low net score against another team in your flight. However, that team you are playing does not have to be present. There will be 6 weeks of league and each week will be a match. With the limited availability of the simulator, you can fall two weeks behind. Always feel free to play up to two weeks in advance.

Format Example: Team 1 plays Team 5 in the first week of play. Team 1 plays on Wednesday and shoots a 36. Team 5 Plays on Sunday and decides to play their 1st and 2nd week in the same sitting. They shoot a 35 for their 1st week match up, and shoot a 37 for their 2nd week. At this point Team 5 is (1-0) and have their 2nd week score posted.

*** Open to both Men and Women and teams can be mixed. Must be a Lochland Golf Member to play. Substitutes must be Lochland Members. ***