Mardi Gras Menu

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020
Time: 4-9:30PM
Reservations requested, call 402-462-4151 or go online.   

Join us Tuesday night for special Mardi Gras Menu Items!  Qualifies toward your monthly minimum.

Hurricanes $5

Creole crab & corn chowder 

Creamy corn chowder with chunks of crab meat, celery and onion, garnished with cayenne and green onion. $5

Creole shrimp skewers

6 grilled jumbo shrimp on skewers served with a Cajun remoulade. $11 (Happy Hour $7)


A pork roped sausage containing rice, served on a bed of dirty rice. $14

Praline pecans

A brittle dessert of pecans, brown sugar, and vanilla. $7