Lochland Match Play 2020

  • Sign up before May 25
  • $40 per player

Men and ladies, get signed up for match play this year! Matches will be set up by the competitors (men's divison, ladies' division, potentially a Senior division), but they must be completed according to a specified schedule throughout the summer. We will have three matches of Pool Play (4-person pool, round robin format), followed by single elimination bracket play. The top 2 golfers with the best record from each pool will then move to the bracket play. Top 4 will earn credit. The Championship Matches will be determined by the end of September.



  • Start Date : May 25th
  • Round 1-3 (Pool Play) : June 30th
  • Round 4: July 20th
  • Round 5: August 10th
  • Round 6: August 31st
  • Round 7: September 15th
  • Round 8 (If needed): September 30th


  • There is no restriction as to when matches are held; HOWEVER, all matches MUST be completed by the scheduled date.
    • If competitors do not play their match by the established deadline, there will be a coin toss to determine the winner, unless one player FORFEITS.
    • If a player NO SHOWS for a scheduled match, that player automatically forfeits.
    • Please make sure to get your matches done. The ONLY way a Match Play tournament works is if EVERYONE plays their scheduled match by each deadline.
  • Golfers may choose to play their match at ANY golf course. You are not limited to playing at Lochland. Some members used this option in 2017.
  • There will be a Men's Division (need 16 golfers). A Ladies' Division (need 8 golfers). And a MAYBE a Senior Division (60 or turning 60 this year) IF AND ONLY IF we can get 16 golfers. Otherwise you will be put in the Men's Division.
    • Competition will be seeded by random selection
    • Competitors may select which tees to play for the match, but both MUST play from the SAME set of tees. If the players cannot agree on which set of tees to play, they will play from the Black Tees (men) or from White Tees (women).
  • USGA Rules for Match Play will be followed, without exception.
    • All participants are required to have a USGA index.

In head to head competition, there will need to be a winner, ties are not allowed. In the event of ties for advancement out of Pool Play, head to head results will be used. If there is still a tie, the ratio of holes won vs holes lost will be used.