Non-Member Golf Opportunities

Guest options at Lochland

While we prioritize course and facility availability for members, we do allow non-members limited access on occasion. 

Guest Fees

When playing a round of golf, the following fees will be assigned to each guest. Guests are limited to four plays per year.

9 hole guest (incl. cart) $45
18 hole guest (incl. cart) $67

9 hole with member (walking) $33
18 hole with member (walking) $49

9 hole member-sponsored (incl. cart) $49
18 hole member-sponsored (incl. cart) $75

9 hole non-sponsored (incl. cart) $59
18 hole non-sponsored (incl. cart) $95

Pepsi Scramble

Non-members are allowed to register for the Pepsi Scramble during the non-member sign up window. 



Guests are allowed to play Lochland via hosted tournaments, and as accompanied guests of members. These plays count toward the four play limit per year. 

Golf Demo Day, June 6

Get fitted for your best-fitting set of clubs, with reps from three of our vendors on-site. By appointment only, call the Golf Shop to reserve your fitting - 402-462-8783.