Non-Member Golf Opportunities

Guest options at Lochland

While we prioritize course and facility availability for members, we do allow non-members limited access on occasion. 

Guest Fees

When playing a round of golf, the following fees will be assigned to each guest. Guests are limited to four plays per year.

9 hole guest (incl. cart) $45
18 hole guest (incl. cart) $67

9 hole with member (walking) $33
18 hole with member (walking) $49

9 hole member-sponsored (incl. cart) $49
18 hole member-sponsored (incl. cart) $75

9 hole non-sponsored (incl. cart) $59
18 hole non-sponsored (incl. cart) $95

Pepsi Scramble

Non-members are allowed to register for the Pepsi Scramble during the non-member sign up window. 



Guests are allowed to play Lochland via hosted tournaments, and as accompanied guests of members. These plays count toward the four play limit per year.