A Taste of Lochland

3-Month passes with access starting June 1, applications due May 20. 

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Lochland Passes offer a one-time pass to never-before members, which gives participants a sampling of Lochland of everything we offer. 50 first-come first-served passes are available in 2020, and require a current member to sponsor. Access to the club runs June through August, with applications are due May 20. The $300 pass includes 3rd of July Fee, and will be credited toward initiation fees if participants join as members before Sept. 30, 2020.  Pass participants will not have a member charge account; payment by cash or credit will only be accepted from Lochland.


Qualified applicants include anyone interested in trying Lochland, and has not been a member in the last ten years. People who were children members and have aged out are eligible. “Unmarried significant others” who have previously been listed as a member on any other past membership do not qualify for the pass. Participants must have a sponsoring member. 

Participating in this program does not disqualify new members from taking part in future membership promotions. 

Pass Access and Regulations

Unless otherwise outlined below, participants are also required to abide by the full Lochland and Highland Rules and Regulations > 


Passes include three rounds of golf, with no guest-member rates.

  • Includes membership rates on Golf Shop Gear.
  • Cart not included in price.
  • No access to lessons or youth teams and camps.
  • No access to league or tournaments.
  • Can play more under the $95 guest rate.


Participants will have full-access to clubhouse usage, including unlimited accompanied guests visits,with a 1:1 guest-to-participant ratio.

  • Rental fees are NOT waived.
  • Reservations required.
  • For exceptions, contact the clubhouse.

Swimming Pool

Participants are allowed to use the pool three times during the duration tenure, with guests.


Participants are allowed to use tennis court with guests. Includes access to lessons and leagues during tenure.

Special Events

Access to Special Events, with guests.

  • 3rd of July Celebration: Participants will have access, along with guests. Must pay cash-only at this event.

Additional Notes

No initiation fees or stock purchases are required. Initial purchase to join must be paid in cash, check, or billing a current member.

Participants will be assigned a member number, but will not be allowed to bill to a charge account. Their number is used for setting tee-times and dining reservations. 

Unless listed above, participants must abide by full Member Rules and Regulations.

Application Process

Individual Passes (Online Application)

Best for families or singles.
Complete Online

Individual Passes (Printable Application)

Best for families or singles. Paper forms also available in the clubhouse.
Download Printable Form

Multiple Passes

Best for a single buyer, purchasing multiple passes for friends, colleagues, or peers. Complete and email to claire@lochlandcc.com. 
Download Excel