Men's Golf Stags

The price to play in Men's STAGs is FREE if you are a Lochland Player's Club Member (LPC), or $40 for non-LPC members, and $50 for guests. Carts are an additional charge.

April 30

More information to be posted. 

May 28 - 5 Points Bank

More information to be posted.

June 25 - Pinnacle Bank

More information to be posted.

July 23 - Great Western Bank

More information to be posted.

August 27

1:30 PM Shotgun start. Arizona Shuffle. Teams of 4 will play their own ball. Your team score will be 1 Net Best Ball on par 5s, 2 net best balls on Par 4s, 3 Net Best Balls on par 3s. 

September 27

1:30pm Shotgun Start

Format: 3 Man Shamble 2 Net Best Balls
All golfers will tee off and the best shot is selected. All 3 golfers will play their own ball in from that spot. The 2 Net Best Balls will be your team score.
No gimmies, please!