Our two courts are available for reservation or as first-come first-serve (pun intended) for tennis or pickleball. 

Contact our Tennis Director, Mark Gueswell or 970-222-4395 for court reservations, league signup, or lessons.

Weekly Leagues

Members can drop in during the times below and play with no additional fees. No RSVP is required, but it is encouraged for new players so matches can be planned. Guests can play in weekly leagues four times per year. 


  • Men's Tennis - Tuesdays 7-9PM
  • Ladies' Tennis - Wednesdays 7-9PM
  • Pickleball- 1st & 3rd Sundays 7-9PM
  • Mixed Tennis Doubles- 2nd& 4th Sundays 7-9PM (members without a significant other are welcome to join! We will pair you with a partner.)

Open Play

When weekly leagues aren't scheduled, Lochland Members and their guests can play on the courts first-come first-served. Reservations can be made through our Tennis Pro at or 970-222-4395. Non-members can use the courts four times per year. 


Our tennis courts can be setup for pickleball with small adjustments. Talk with our pro about getting access!


10 & Under Academy

Sign up for one of two summer sessions, with our Tennis Pro Mark Gueswell.

Junior All Sports Program (JASP)

JASP is Lochland's'summer camp' introducing youth to golf, tennis, and swimming.

Tennis Lessons

We offer private lessons with our Tennis Pro.


Lochland offers private or group tennis lessons for members with our Tennis Pro, Mark Gueswell.